Jackpot! Thrifted Designer Dress!

I have been a thrifter for as long as I have been shopping so I am not very familiar with high-end designers and brand names. I realize that learning the labels would help me find more valuable items on my quests for second-hand clothes. I recently went to my nearby Goodwill to browse for work attire. Dresses are great because they can be worn in summer or layered according to the weather. They can be dressed up or down based on accessories. I started in the dresses and immediately came across one that seemed to be very well made; thick fabric, structured design, and sturdy seems. It had a beautiful ’50s style silhouette and I am a SUCKER for anything pinup/retro/rockabilly/’50s related. It is was just too barely too small but too good to pass up (I always tell myself I’m going to lose a few lbs.). I paid $5 for the dress. I got home and looked up the brand. Turns out it is a British designer named “Tibi.” Dresses by this designer retail for $300-$700!!!! SCORE!!! I will definitely start googling more labels while shopping!


Back: I used a white cloth to show the beautiful lace-up design on the back

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